Copyright Registration/Hologram

What is Copyright?

It is a legal term describing rights given to authors and creators for their creative works. Copyright may subsist in the following:

  a)    Original:-

        (i)     Literary works
        (ii)    Musical works
        (iii)   Artistic works; or
        (iv)   Computer programs;

  b)    Compilations;
  c)    Audio Visual works
  d)    Sound recordings;
  e)    Broadcasts;
  f)     Cable programs
  g)    Typographical arrangements of published editions of literary works.

Piracy – it is the unauthorised duplication of copyrighted works.

Counterfeiting – it is the unauthorised duplication of intellectual property works to resemble the original and often meant to deceive the consumer in thinking it is the original product.


Download Application Form Here

1. The Applicant (artist/author) brings a physical and/or electronic copy of the work to the Copyrights Unit.

2. The Applicant completes an Application Form downloaded from the Ministry Website or collected from the Copyrights Unit.

3. An officer from the Copyright Unit undertakes an administrative compliance check on the Applicant’s Copyright Application Form to ensure that it is completed correctly.

4. The Applicants submits the duly completed Application Form and a Copy of the Registered Work upon payment of a Registration Fee.

5. The officer verifies the identity of the applicant and proof of payment of the Registration Fee.

6. The officer updates the Applicant's information in the electronic database and issues a temporary application number.

7. The Applicant shall be notified on the outcome of the application within 30 working days in accordance with the Copyright Act. 



A hologram is a two or three dimensional sticker with covert and overt security features that is affixed on all Audio and Video products sold in Zambia in accordance with the amended Copyright and Performance Rights Act No. 25 of 2010.

The Registrar of Copyright shall cause a hologram to be affixed on Audio and Video products at the point of production. The amended Copyright and Performance Rights Act No. 25 of 2012 requires all Audio and Video products to be affixed with a hologram before they enter the channels of commerce.

A Phonogram producer applies to the Registrar of Copyright for accreditation. Once the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant is a genuine audiovisual publisher, he approves the application and issues the applicant with an Accreditation Certificate which allows the applicant to buy holograms. The accreditation certificate is valid for 12 months and subject to renewal upon satisfying the requirements.  Holograms are sold at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services upon payment and presentation of a valid Accreditation Certificate.