Mpulungu District council launches keep Mpulungu clean campaign

Mpulungu January, 26, 2018, ZANIS ---- Mpulungu District council says it has embarked on the program to maintain the cleanliness of the town.
Town Council Chairperson Deo Sichilengwe says this will include ensuring that all marketers are moved to good and clean trading spaces.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Sichilengwe said keeping the town clean will avoid the outbreak of cholera in the area.
The council chairperson explained that the council said makeshift markets are not going to be allowed in the district adding that having makeshifts markets is posing danger to the district as most traders have no proper tables to use wile displaying their goods.
And Mr. Sichilengwe disclosed that the council has started the rehabilitation of Mupata market so that the marketers can move back to the market.
And Mupata market chairperson Paul Simwanza says the marketers selling along the Mbala Mpulungu road are ready to cooperate with the local authority and move back into the market.
Mr. Simwanza said the traders are aware of the danger of selling along the busy road.