Mafinga chiefs commends formation of new districts

Chinsali, January 24, 2013, ZANIS -------- Two traditional leaders in Mafinga district of the Muchinga province have supported the idea of creating new districts and have urged government to finance developmental projects.

Chief Mwenechifungwe of the Fungwe people of Thendere and Chief Muyombe of the Tumbuka people of Muyombe told Muchinga province Minister, Charles Banda during his familiarization tour of the province to inspect developmental projects.

The Chiefs paid tribute to government for creating a rapport which they said would facilitate developmental programmes to succeed because they will now be fully involved in decision making process saying people in rural areas have been disadvantaged in the past.

Chief Mwenechifungwe said the current number of districts created so far is enough and appealed to government to shift its attention to identifying developmental needs in all social sectors so that people’s sufferings are alleviated.

He observed that Mafinga district literally has no infrastructure and lacks electricity saying government should consider importing power from Malawi which is just 17 kilometers away in a move to help service delivery in the rural health centres and schools.

Speaking at his palace in a separate visit, Chief Muyombe assured the minister that he has already allocated customary land to government for the purposes of developing it to build government administration blocks and other investments.

He said government and chiefs should strive to work hard in order to meet people’s needs.

And Muchinga Province Minister, Charles Banda commended the chiefs for embracing President Michael Sata‘s vision of taking development to the people adding that his visit is a follow up to a recent meeting which the Head of State had with Chiefs at State House.

The Minister further assured the chiefs that government will always engage them in all matters of national development saying the previous administration had divorced the traditional leaders to participate in national development but only used them during campaign periods.