Chief Mungule praises government for tree planting exercise

Lusaka, January 23, ZANIS---Chieftainess Mungule of the Lenje speaking people in Chibombo district of Central province has praised the government for embarking on a vibrant tree planting exercise across the country.

Speaking through village headman Mupwaya, Chieftainess Mungule urged all Zambians in the country to wholeheartedly embrace the tree planting initiative.

The traditional leader said this during the launch of the tree planting exercise in her chiefdom by the Mungule Women farmers group at her palace today.

She said the exercise, which was recently launched by former President Kenneth Kaunda, is a good move because it will rejuvenate the depleting forests in the country.

Cheftainess Mungule also urged all other chiefs and village headmen in the country to sensitise their subjects about the importance of the project.

And speaking at the same function, Mungule Women Farmers Group Executive Director Elinah Foloma called on all women organisations and clubs in the country to actively participate in the tree planting exercise.

Ms. Foloma said there has been high levels of deforestation not only in Zambia but world over which has greatly contributed to climate change.

She also thanked Chieftaness Mungule for allowing the organisation to launch the first ever exercise in her chiefdom.