Chenda asks Japan to help Zambia develop irrigation agriculture

From Charles Mangwato in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, October 11, 2012, ZANIS – AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Emmanuel Chenda has called on Japan to help develop the country’s agricultural sector by promoting irrigation activities.

Mr. Chenda says irrigation is important because currently Zambia is heavily dependent on rain fed agriculture.

 He said there is a lot of untapped potential in irrigation especially as Zambia intensifies efforts in diversifying agriculture so that even livestock and fishing become prominent in spurring economic growth.

 Mr. Chenda said Zambia has abundant water resources which Japanese investors can take advantage of and venture into irrigation agriculture.

ZANIS reports that the Zambian Agriculture Minister was speaking in Tokyo, Japan today during a consultative meeting involving three Zambian Cabinet Ministers and Japanese parliamentarians from both the ruling and opposition parties.

The meeting which was also attended by Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo and Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda was held under the auspices of the Japanese-Africa Union Parliamentary Friendship League.

Mr. Chenda thanked the Japanese government for supporting Zambia in establishing a veterinary school at the University of Zambia.

 He said the university is now churning out a considerable number of veterinary doctors who are contributing to the development of Zambia’s livestock industry.