Twenty families earmarked for Housing Empowerment

Twenty families of Kalulushi are destined for housing empowerment by the Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia for humanity as a way of lifting their living standards.

The twenty families were those who had not benefited from the sale of houses by ZCCM as it was part of home empowerment that was declared by the MMD government in 1997.

Representative for Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia, Archie Mulunda disclosed in Kalulushi over the week end when he met about 50 families who had not benefited from the sale of the houses of Kalulushi at the District Commissioner's office.

He said according to the assessment of his company only 20 families had been qualified to be helped in terms of having their houses built.

Mr Mulunda added that his company would just use local materials to build the houses.

Mr Mulunda Who did not disclose the amount that his company would venture into that project urged the twenty families to be vigil and ensure that their houses are built.

The Kalulushi Municipal Council has allocated plots to the twenty families in Chibuluma township where the houses are to be built.