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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services (MIBS) is responsible for formulation and administration of the guidelines, regulations and laws relating to broadcasting and television services, cinematography policy, information services, media and theatre policies.


“A Smart and Value-Centred Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services”.


“To promote the dissemination of quality information to all”.

The goal of MIBS is “to achieve country wide media coverage for a well informed public”

The specific objectives are:

  • To provide legal and policy framework in order to guide the operations of the media industry
  • To coordinate the provision of government information to the public in order to ensure consistency and portray a positive image of government
  • To interpret Government policy to the public in order to solicit their support and participation in national programmes
  • To provide timely news and information to the public
  • To improve the capacity of the public media in order to attain countrywide coverage
  • To conduct research in media and national topical issues in order to improve the quality of media products, measure public response and influence government policy
  • To facilitate the protection of copyright and related rights in order to reduce piracy and unfair exploitation of intellectual property
  • To develop and manage human resources in order to enhance the performance of the ministry
  • To provide effective financial management services and oversight in order to ensure accountability and transparency
  • To provide administrative and logistical support services for efficient operations of the Ministry
  • To establish and maintain an information management system in order to improve accessibility to information for speedy and informed decision making
  • To plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of ministerial policies, legal framework, projects and programmes in order to ensure their effective implementation and compliance

a).    Download a standard application form which attracts a fee of K15,000 upon submission.

Download Application form here

b).    Submit the following documents for perusal by the Licensing Committee;

•    A project proposal.
•    A certificate of registration or incorporation if applicable.
•    A map of coverage area
•    A list of fixed and movable assets and their cost.
•    A memorandum of Understanding if applicable.
•    A letter confirming whether you will be using your own buildings or renting buildings for your radio or television studios.
•    A certificate from Civil Aviation allowing you to put up a mast.
•    A bank statement proving you have not less than K60 million in your account.
•    Advertise in two most widely read newspapers that you are applying to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services to establish a radio or television broadcasting station and name the town where the station will be located. Afterwards attach two cuttings of your adverts to the application form.

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