Finance Department

The Department of Finance is an extension of the Office of the Accountant General. This follows the decentralisation of the office of the Accountant-General to Ministries, Provinces, Departments and Government Agencies.  The Department undertakes the following functions:

  1. Design, implement, monitor and evaluate financial management systems, policies and guidelines in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act or any other law for the proper management of public resources;
  2. Research on financial management systems and review performance standards to improve service delivery in the public service;
  3. Compilation, management of accounts, custody, safety and integrity of public monies and stores of the Republic at Ministry level;
  4. Bringing to account tax and non-tax revenues of the Government;
  5. Cash management and accounting for stores, assets and liabilities of the Government;
  6. Bring to account revenues raised from the disposal of excess or obsolete public stores and assets and;
  7. Production of the Ministry Financial Reports (Statement C).

Principal accountabilities at Ministry level are:

  1. Formulation of sector specific financial management policies in order to provide a framework for prudent management of public resources.
  2. Preparation and submission of financial management reports in order to comply with financial regulations and facilitate informed decision making.
  3. Development and implementation of internal controls in order to enhance transparency and accountability in the utilisation of financial and material resources.
  4. Monitoring of expenditure in order to ensure spending is in line with the approved budgets and financial regulations.
  5. Costing of programmes in order to facilitate preparation of annual budget estimates, mobilisation and disbursement of financial resources.
  6. Effective utilisation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) and Treasury Single Account (TSA) in order to enhance the management of public finances and promote accountability.
  7. Preparation of responses in order to resolve audit queries and ensure unqualified accounts.
  8. Managing the payroll of the Ministry and computations in order to facilitate payment of personnel related obligations.
  9. Management of risk in order to mitigate losses.
  10. Development of individual and Departmental work plans in order to monitor and evaluate performance.
  11. Effective utilisation of human, financial and other resources in the Department in order to facilitate the attainment of Departmental and consequently Ministry objectives.