Planning and Information

The Department of Planning and Information is responsible for coordinating, planning and budgeting of information and projects in order to ensure their effective implementation.  It is also responsible for coordinating the formulation and review of relevant policies and legislation and Coordinating Cabinet and Parliamentary business in order to provide appropriate guidance as well as coordinate the budgeting process in the Ministry. Further, the Unit coordinates the preparation, review and monitoring implementation of the Ministry’s programs, Work plans and Annual Budgets. The department also prepares and distributes information such as media releases, cabinet briefings and statements in response to media reports pertaining to the government.

It constitutes of 3 Units;

  • Projects Unit

The Projects Unit is responsible for facilitation the establishment of the communications infrastructure in order to enhance media coverage across the country.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit is responsible for planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the Ministries policies, projects and programmes in order to ensure their effective implementation.

  • Information Technology

The Information Technology Unit is responsible for developing and maintaining the Ministries ICT hardware and software infrastructure in collaboration with Smart Zambia Institute.