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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services (MIBS) has the mandate to coordinate the coverage of social, cultural, and economic development matters in the country. The Ministry is the main government channel for the collection, compiling and dissemination of information on all government programmes and activities. The Ministry is headed by a Cabinet Minister who is appointed by the Republican President.


The vision of the Ministry is in two folds:

  • To have a highly educated, technologically competent and well-informed Zambia in which citizens have full access to all forms of media, and where people fully and actively participate in democratic governance and national development as part of the country’s overall long-term social and cultural change process; and
  • To provide policy and legal framework for the development of an efficient labour market and to coordinate and monitor its operations in order to enhance productivity.


The Mission of the Ministry is in two folds:

  • Effectively facilitate the development of the Media Industry in order to enhance the free flow of information and freedom of expression for National development; and
  • To promote and facilitate the development of an efficient and effective labour market system so as to enhance productivity in the country.